Basset Hound

Great Britain: FCI-group 6 hounds- and bloodhounds    FCI-standard-no.: 163






Standard (extracts):


Country of origin:

Great Britain.

General  phenotype:

Short-legged dog with considerable substance, balanced, full quality. One certain quantity loose skin is desired.

action, movement:

its  prime importance. Smooth flowing operation movement  with far reaching primacy and energetic thrust.


Back  between withers and hips not excessive long, ribs good rounded, back straight, breast neither small still disproportional deep.


Diamond-shaped-eye, dark-until means brown, quiet and grave physiognomy. The red of the third eyelid  is visible, however not clearly excessive.

Hair coat:

Smooth, short and stuffy.


Usually black-white-red (tricolour) or lemon-white (bicolour), each other  hound-colour but is permissible.


calm, never aggressive or fearful, affectionate.